Keeping Food Refrigerated During Transport

by Jagjit |

There are so many different types of refrigerated food transporting services available across the country. When you are looking to transport a large number of perishable food items to supermarkets or neighborhood stores it is important to have a reefer truck provide you with the source to make sure that the food stays refrigerated and not poisoned.

Before the Food Gets Transported

Before any refrigerated food leaves for transport they have to make sure the food is properly packaged. Making sure that it is properly packaged is the best way to ensure that the food makes it to the destination safely and not contaminated. The container that the food is put into should be large enough that there is no danger potential to the food. A label should be written clearly to indicate the food item. Each container should have at least one label written in such a fashion. Containers should be wrapped in packaging material. While there are specialized materials available for this, using paper – simple printer paper even – will keep costs low. It makes a great insulator, which is why papers are used to wrap the containers. However, before the containers are wrapped, make sure they are airtight and sealed properly. Then there is the big buck of the operation – making sure the food survives the trip. Ideally, a reefer transport should be used specifically for transporting food to large chains and marketplace stores, these trucks focus on transporting refrigerated food. The other thing to remember is that the containers are placed on pallets so the food does not slide or tip during transport. If there is the chance of the containers tipping, bungee cords can provide a secure holding for the food.

Transporting the Food

Finally, the most important thing to remember about refrigerated food is to make sure that the food makes it to the destination as quickly as possible. To do this with the best results possible, make sure there are detailed instructions provided to the driver. Whether this means looking it up through an online map or calling the location to make sure that the right address is in the GPS, do it. Keeping an idea of how long it’ll take to reach the destination in mind while transporting the food will be helpful, especially when you are looking to run a promotion at your location. All of these tips will help keep all frozen foods and fruits from becoming perishable. Nothing is worse than having to arrive at the supermarket and the food is spoiled.


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